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Here are quick links to each section (in order of assembly):

Section A) - Cutting the extension

Section B) - Routing out the screen area

Section C) - Creating and installing the washer

Section D) - Mounting the Hama viewer hardware

Section E) - Installing the rotary switch

Section F) - Gutting the Vivitar flash unit

Section G) - Finishing the bottom side of the Hama viewer

Section H) - Mounting the top side of the Hama viewer

Section I) - Mounting the self timer

Section J) - Mounting the Jobo mini light

Section K) - Mounting the Hama remote release

Section L) - Mounting the self timer box

Section M) - Installing the sling swivels

Section N) - Screen mesh

Section O) - Mounting the transformer

Section P) - Mounting side panels

Section Q) - Installing pump widget

Section R) - Mockup

Section S) - Various pieces

Section T) - Paint

F)  Gutting the Vivitar flash unit

The Vivitar 2500 zoom flash unit was used on the MT for accent parts.  You can find these flash units on ebay for about $5-$20.  You will need several pieces off the unit, plus you will scavenge the LEDs and switches off the flash and mount them on the Hama viewer.  This section is long and picture intensive!!

First remove the cover from the blue hinges and unscrew them

Now pull the 2 pieces apart

Remove the 2 screws from the plastic piece with the lock text on it

Remove the 2 screws next to each hinge ring and disassemble the guts

Unscrew the circuit board and remove it

We are interested in the 2 switches on the circuit board. Right now here are the parts of interest we have.

Now go back to the first circuit board and dremel away the board around the 2 switches we want.

Cut the board down

File the back of the board down flush


Take the other half of the flash unit and remove the screws holding it together

Now grab both sides, push in and pull the pieces apart

Remove the guts from the 2 pieces

Here are the parts we have collected so far

Take the piece with the meter on it.  We are interested in removing the meter

Dremel the lower side to remove the meter

File it down flush

Now take the other piece and remove the sticker with the meter markings.  Keep this sticker.


Now take the plastic cover with the LED and switch holes.  Insert the loose battery cover into its slots.

Glue this plastic piece into place

One it is dry, cut the overlapping plastic from the battery cover.  Also cut off the hinge rings with a dremel.

Now using a hacksaw (or dremel), carefully cut away the top portion of this plastic piece.  We are interested in the LEDs and switch plates.

Here is the finished cut

File down the top piece so it there is little curve left.  This will attach to the Hama viewer later.

Side view of the finished modification

Also be sure to remove the green LED from the first circuit board, as we need this for the switch plate too.

Keep the screws from the flash unit as they come in handy later.

Here are the final parts of the Vivitar flash that  we need for the MT accent pieces.  

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