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Here are quick links to each section (in order of assembly):

Section A) - Cutting the extension

Section B) - Routing out the screen area

Section C) - Creating and installing the washer

Section D) - Mounting the Hama viewer hardware

Section E) - Installing the rotary switch

Section F) - Gutting the Vivitar flash unit

Section G) - Finishing the bottom side of the Hama viewer

Section H) - Mounting the top side of the Hama viewer

Section I) - Mounting the self timer

Section J) - Mounting the Jobo mini light

Section K) - Mounting the Hama remote release

Section L) - Mounting the self timer box

Section M) - Installing the sling swivels

Section N) - Screen mesh

Section O) - Mounting the transformer

Section P) - Mounting side panels

Section Q) - Installing pump widget

Section R) - Mockup

Section S) - Various pieces

Section T) - Paint

D)  Mounting the Hama viewer hardware

Remove the bottom plug from the drill case.  You can use a screwdriver to pry it up and out.

The parts you will need to finish this modification are a 1/4" male jack (commonly used in guitars) and a 1/4" enclosed female jack.  You can get both at Radio Shack.

1/4" male plug:  Radio Shack #274-266

1/4" female jack:  Radio Shack #274-280

Now mark the inside of the drill case the length and width of the 1/4" female jack and dremel this area out.

File this down flush.  You can also use a dremel to do this with a small grinding bit.

Test fit the 1/4" jack in the hole

Now drill the outside of the drill case on the same side where you just dremeled.  Drill in the middle of the cut out rectangle that fits the 1/4" female jack .

Dremel the sides down so that the 1/4" jack will fit through the hole.

Now take a scrap piece of metal or plastic and drill a hole that will fit the 1/4" jack.

Make sure the piece is the same width of the jack so it slides in the dremeled out area.  It should also sit flush against the Kango body.

Slide the jack onto the metal piece

Fit the assembly into the case

Now attach the washer to the body.

Place the panel nut on the jack and tighten into place.

Now the 1/4" male plug fits into the drill case.  This will hold the Hama viewer later on.

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