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Here are quick links to each section (in order of assembly):

Section A) - Cutting the extension

Section B) - Routing out the screen area

Section C) - Creating and installing the washer

Section D) - Mounting the Hama viewer hardware

Section E) - Installing the rotary switch

Section F) - Gutting the Vivitar flash unit

Section G) - Finishing the bottom side of the Hama viewer

Section H) - Mounting the top side of the Hama viewer

Section I) - Mounting the self timer

Section J) - Mounting the Jobo mini light

Section K) - Mounting the Hama remote release

Section L) - Mounting the self timer box

Section M) - Installing the sling swivels

Section N) - Screen mesh

Section O) - Mounting the transformer

Section P) - Mounting side panels

Section Q) - Installing pump widget

Section R) - Mockup

Section S) - Various pieces

Section T) - Paint

E) Installing the rotary switch

The rotary switch resides on the back end of the tracker.  Take the black square cap piece off the Kango. 

You can get a rotary switch from Radio Shack.

rotary switch:  Radio Shack #275-1386

You will also need a terminal wire nut as shown below.

Remove the rubber washer and cut and protruding pieces off the switch top (if any).

Measure the middle of the circle and mark it.

Drill out the center

NOTE:  If you use the Radio Shack switch, you do not need to reinstall the rubber washer shown above.

Install the switch.

Cut the stalk off the switch to about 1/2"

Install the terminal nut over the switch stalk and secure.

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