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Proton Pack Integrated Light and Sound Controller Board
The integrated pack controller is an all-in-one, single board that sits in the pack that controls everything you would ever need: The power cell lights, cyclotron, wand bargraph, wand firing lights, wand motor, wand static lights, optional sound board, switches! It is also programmable and includes several different wand lighting effects.

This board controls the following lights on your pack:

  • The gun bar graph (consisting of 16 red rectangular LEDs)
  • The flickering barrel gun LEDs
  • The static backlighting LEDs as seen in the gun body.
  • The 14 power cell blue LEDs
  • The 4 cyclotron red LEDs
  • Controls optional bright xenon or LED flash unit at start of gun firing
  • Controls optional sound board

The Proton Gun lighting is easier than ever to implement, all you will have to do is run the wiring up to the gun. This will allow you to have an extending barrel tip with no problem! All other wiring for the pack lights will be included also. We are also implementing a never before seen firing effect that is be a real eye opener!

The sound board interface is included on the board also, so you can add on your own sound board any time you like. The board will support several off the shelf sound boards that are easily installed in your pack (including our economy sound board).

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Bargraph Firing Modes
The bargraph takes on a different mode when you are firing the wand. This novel concept also gives your pack a more realistic effect.

Setting 1: The bargraph LEDs do a “wig-wag” sequence when you are firing the wand. This sequence continues until you stop firing the wand.

Setting 2: The bargraph LEDs emulate a “power bar” that extinguishes over time. When you stop firing the wand, the power bar LEDs recharge in the background. This gives you the effect of a gun “charge” that you have to maintain. If the power bar gets down to the last bar when you are firing the wand, the last bargraph LED will start blinking. This tells you the gun has exhausted all power. The wand barrel firing LEDs will also start to “sputter” when this happens, giving you a more realistic effect that the pack has exhausted all its available power.

NOTE: If you are using our sound module, the firing sound will then change over to a sputtering gun sound, further enhancing this novel effect!! Once you are done firing, the bargraph goes back to its normal sequencing mode. But the power cell charges over time, increasing every 1.5sec. So the longer you wait before firing the wand again, the higher the power bar will have recharged.

Using this feature with below theoretical pack operational mode enabled really gives you a pack that comes alive the more you use it!

Pack Operational Modes
This controller board offers a novel concept never before seen in a pack light kit. It allows you to link the sequencing of the pack power cell, cyclotron, and gun bargraph lights together with the firing sound on the pack.

Movie mode: The power cell LEDs and the cyclotron LEDs sequence at their normal rate, independent of anything else. This is the typically setting seen in most proton packs with separate lighting kits (including the movie packs) – (default mode).

Theoretical mode: The power cell and the cyclotron LEDs will begin to increase their sequencing rate the longer the wand is fired. Once you begin firing the wand, these LEDs on the pack slowly start to increase their rate and end with them sequencing very fast. This gives the added effect of your pack generator spinning up as you emulate firing the pack. When you let go of the fire button, these LEDs start to slow down their sequencing over time. They eventually sequence back to their normal rate. This feature gives your pack the effect of synchronizing the pack lighting with the gun lights while firing – emulating what a “theoretical” pack might do if one existed!

Demo Movies
In order to try and capture all of the many features this board offers we've had to take multiple videos.
Power on movie
Different bargraph sequencing movie
Powercell/cyclo sequencing movie
Vent switch operation
Firing sounds and barrel LEDs movie
Special power bar mode w/ synchronized sputter during firing
Theoretical pack mode with pack lights ramping up when firing
Vibration motor and bright flash unit during firing
Sound module interface (works seamlessly with our GB economy board)
Board setup with power bar mode and theoretical operation enabled

Light Board Specifications

  • Small size: approx. 3.5" x 4", fits easily into the pack
  • Runs off 9V batteries or 6 AA, C, or D cells

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Instruction Manual download

Kit Pricing
Integrated Pack Light and Sound Controller Board
Integrated Pack Light and Sound Controller Board with Red Bar Graph LEDs - $289.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Integrated Pack Light and Sound Controller Board with Amber Bar Graph LEDs - $289.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Integrated Pack Light and Sound Controller Board with Yellow Bar Graph LEDs - $289.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Power Cell Daughtercard - $29.00 + shipping
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LED Flash Unit - $5.00 + shipping
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