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Proton Pack Gun Lights
Our new design adds on a daughtercard for the bar graph array which will allow flexible mounting options in any gun box. The main board controls both gun bar graph and firing LEDs using super bright LEDs!  the bar graph array board connects to the main board using the supplied ribbon cable. These LEDs can be installed by the user to custom fit their wand enclosure. 

The board also features 2 gun stream flashing LEDs, which emulates a proton stream using 7000 mcd white LEDs!  You can add other colors, like blue, red, or orange LEDs to make the effect even brighter and more colorful.

There is also a header on the light board to add a blinking red LED, static red LED, and switch activated white LED (for lighting up the inside of the gun compartment when switched on).

Here is a pic of a unit wired up:

Click image to enlarge

The master on/off power switch is prewired to the board.  You can use any toggle, slide, or other switch to activate the board.  When the unit turns on, the power graph begins cycling and the extra static LEDs light up.  The blinking red LED also activates.  The internal white static LED can be controlled via another switch, which will turn it on and off (emulating an active proton wand).

The gun stream LEDs are activating by a 3rd pushbutton.  When pressed, the flickering LEDs give the effect of a super bright proton stream!  Also, the power graph cycles through a special sequence while the gun trigger is depressed.  This gives the added effect of a real-working proton wand!  Coupled with our sound board, this light and sound show will stop people (and ghosts) in their tracks!!

Demo Movie
When finished, power on the circuit and watch it go! Here is an example movie of the board in action. (open this file in Quicktime or Media player 8.0+):
Proton Gun Lights Movie

Light Board Specifications

  • Small size: 1.8" x 2.5", fits right into proton wand box
  • Runs off 9V batteries or 6 AA, C, or D cells
  • Accurate sequencing rates
  • High-intensity 5mm LEDs used to emulate stunning visual effects.

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Kit Pricing
Proton Pack Gun Lights
Proton Pack Gun Light Board with Red Bar Graph LED - $119.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Proton Pack Gun Light Board with Amber Bar Graph LED - $119.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Proton Pack Gun Light Board with Yellow Bar Graph LED - $119.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock

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