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Predator Sound
This board functions as a sound playback and light controller for a costume, display, etc.  The board plays back 6-8 customized sounds (user can program in these sounds).  The board also controls the targeting LEDs and cannon LED.  These lights are associated with a specified sound, so the targeting LEDs come on when the targeting sound plays out.  Also the cannon fire sound plays out in conjunction with the cannon LED.

The sounds are all triggered via a remote pushbutton cable.  You can run the cable down to your hand and wear the button on your finger for easy access!  The board can easily reside in a helmet.  The package runs off a 9V battery.

Demo Movie
Here is a movie of the sound board with LEDs installed in a custom helmet.
Sound Board MOVIE (helmet is property of KH and not for sale)

Sound Board Specifications

  • Small size: 1.5" x 2"
  • Runs off 9V battery
  • Up to 16 sec of sound, holds 6-8 custom wav files
  • No external amp needed
  • Frequency range is 150Hz - 4kHz 
  • Customization available

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Kit Pricing
Predator Sound Board with LEDs
Predator Sound Board with LEDs - $155.00 + shipping
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