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Deluxe "Pro" Trooper Voice Amp
We said it couldn't be done.  We were wrong.
Introducing our new real-time trooper/bounty hunter voice amp.

Note: Our new pro voice amp now merges the best of both the standard and deluxe voice amps. This results in a more user-friendly device, lower cost deluxe unit, and adds new features like movie-accurate BEFORE speech static clicks!

Our low-cost voice amp is a voice changing module that allows one to change their voice and play out high-quality sound effects in a package that can be body worn or fit inside a trooper or other helmet.  Until now, such a board was cost prohibitive.  But after pouring our expert engineering into this board, along with the knowledge of our world-class Vortex voice amp, we were able to come up with a cost-effective solution. 

Our voice amp is capable of producing a high-quality trooper voice effect that has been painstakingly researched. For those costumers and professionals that need the most bang for the buck, this voice amp offers a quality voice changing effect with auto VOX, end click and static sounds, onboard sound FX, special push-to-talk (PTT) mode, as well as feedback mitigation in a small footprint PC board.

As an added "plus", the board offers 3 voice effects in one small package:

  • Trooper voice effect w/ end clicks and sound effects
  • Bounty hunter helmet voice
  • Modulated bounty hunter voice

 Each effect is programmable on the fly using our new board technology.

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Our deluxe "pro" trooper voice board has the same great features as before, but also adds several new features not available in any other package! We think it is the ultimate trooping voice amp for the costuming connoisseur.

New Features for the Pro Trooper Board:

  • 6' remote pushbutton cable that allows you to control all the board features from your fingertips.
  • Push-to-talk mode (PTT). Allows you to open and close the mic using the remote pushbutton - totally defeats any feedback or VOX inconsistencies in very noisy environments. PTT mode is configured on the fly!
  • Four different click sound effects that can be manually triggered at beginning of speech to create the most authentic trooper movie effect. Each sound effect is directly selectable using our proprietary one-button interface!
  • Two operating modes - FX mode and setup mode. Setup mode allows you to tune your voice effect, VOX options, and sound effects. FX mode gives you fingertip access to the 4 sound effects without having to mess with any switch array or other cumbersome interface!

Example Sound Files
Here are several trooper wav files recorded directly off the unit:
trooper1     trooper2     trooper3     trooper4

Here are a couple bounty hunter wav files recorded directly off the unit:
bounty1     bounty2

Here are a couple modulated bounty hunter wav files recorded directly off the unit:
bounty3     bounty4

Recommended Accessories

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Speaker Amps Microphone Cables

Trooper/Bounty Hunter Amp Specifications

  • Four "before speech" static/click sound effects, selectable using our one-button interface
  • Special PTT mode for total voice output control - configured on the fly.
  • Two modes of operation: Setup mode and FX (normal) mode.
  • Includes remote pushbutton cable interface for easy fingertip operation.
  • Three different voice effects: Trooper, bounty hunter, or modulated bounty hunter voice effect
  • Built in voice compressor to give your voice more presence.
  • Compressor effect is tunable from 1:1 up to 15:1.
  • Tunable high-end bandwidth to match voice effect to your liking.
  • Automatic end clicks and radio static sound effects after talking
  • End clicks can be enabled/disabled for trooper/bounty hunter effect
  • Volume control for end clicks and static sound effects
  • Auto VOX control to rid of mic to speaker feedback howl.
  • Auto Talk Time setting - opens the mic for a designated time slot and then closes it.
  • Can seamlessly be used in conjunction with a RF transmitter, computer sound card, or portable amplified speakers.
  • Line to mic level output - volume tunable.
  • Works with electret mics - provides phantom power.
  • Runs off single 9V battery for up to 8 hours continuously
  • Small size - 3" x 2.2"
  • Typical current draw: 20mA (when in use)

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Kit Pricing
Deluxe "Pro" Trooper Voice Amp
Deluxe "Pro" Trooper Voice Amp (includes the voice board and remote pushbutton) - $229.00 + shipping
Electret Clip Mic - $7.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock
Heat Shrink Wrap (board protection) - $2.00 + shipping

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