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RC Afterburner Kit

This kit has been replaced by our RGB afterburner kit.

This kit allows you to simulate afterburner glow in your small EDF jets! The board connects directly to your throttle channel (through a y-cable) and the afterburner glow is linked to the throttle position. This kit requires some assembly (soldering of the LEDs to the cable) so you can make a custom ring of LEDs to match your thrust tube diameter.

Kit will fit in a phase 3 F-16, SR-71, F-5, F-15, or other EDF models.

Kit Includes
Assembled afterburner light board with servo cable, ribbon cable for LEDs, 12 hi- intensity 5mm red LEDs.

Demo Movies
RC Afterburner Kit Installed in an F-16
RC Afterburner Kit in Flight

Kit Pricing
RC Afterburner Kit
RC Afterburner LED Kit - $39.00 + shipping
Temporarily out of Stock

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