Here you will find a myriad of different articles and papers on digital signal processing and other engineering topics.  The site www.dspdude.com is managed by Jim Shima, a DSP wrangler with over 17 years of DSP algorithm development, system design, and embedded programming experience.


Signal processing related papers:

Brief Introduction to DSP - 2008

Computing the FFT of 2 Real Signals Using a Single FFT - 2000

DSP Code Optimizations - FIR Symmetry, Polyphase Filtering, Half-Band Filters, and Real-Valued FFTs - 2003

Quadrature (Complex-Valued) Signal Processing Primer - 2009

Correcting Phase/Amplitude Imbalances in Quadrature Signals - 2008

Fast Fixed-Point ATAN2 Approximation with Self Normalization  - 1999 (DSP trick)

Smoothing GPS Position Estimates Using Reduced-Order Kalman Filter - 2001

Narrowband Jammer Suppression Using an Adaptive Filter and Temporal Root Tracking, Conf. on Signal Processing Applications and Technology 1997 (ICSPAT '97)


Digital communication related papers:

FM Demodulation Using a Digital Radio and Digital Signal Processing (Masters Thesis) - 1995

FSK Demodulation Using a Digital Radio and Manchester Encoding - 1994

Tong detector vs. M-of-N detector for DSSS Signal Acquisition - 2002

Intro to Under Sampling the DGPS Beacon Signal for MSK Demodulation - 2001


Useful MATLAB/MathCad scripts and functions:

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